Aion Class Guide – The Priest

There are a variety of classes available for players of NCSoft's latest MMORPG, Aion: Tower of Eternity. These articles aim to familiarize those interested starting out in Aion with the ins and outs of the classes available, so they can better choose what role they would like to play.

This is the third article in my series of articles on Aion classes. This article will talk about the basic Priest class, and its two specialization classes, Chanter and Cleric.

The Priest is a support class, the "glue" that holds a group of players together. Priests specialize in casting resorative spells, replenishing their teammates lost health and doling out important buffs that can really change the tide of battle. And for that reason, they're also one of the most targeted classes, the "weak link" in a lot of groups. Kill the priest, and everyone else is suddenly that much weaker.

Once a Priest character reaches level 10, they can opt to specialize as either a Cleric or Chanter.


The Cleric is more or less just a priest, but better. Clerics gain stronger healing spells that can help heal allies from even the most dangerous wounds, or bring them back from the dead. The Cleric also gains a variety of spells that will weaken the enemy, enabling them to further aid their group, or if need be, themselves.


While the Chanter continues to be adept at healing, they really come into their own by boosting their group members with buffs called "chants". The Chanter also gains some training with melee weapons, meaning they do not have to depend on their group if they are attacked. Chanters are a well rounded and balanced class, with their ability to mix up defensive healing spells with offensive buffs for their group.

Source by Tyler Dryden

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