Aion Cleric Guide – Aion Strategy & Class Guide For Cleric

Looking for an Aion cleric guide? A cleric falls under the priest class and so is a chanter. And becuase of that, there are many strategies, tips & walkthroughs for the cleric class in Aion. But, they never get to the point. When you play a cleric in Aion you will need to know 4 things. * How to level very fast as a cleric. * How to make kinah as a cleric. * What professions are good for a cleric.. * How to dominate in PvP as a cleric. Once you get to know these things, then you will be able to have lots of fun Playing A Cleric In Aion.

Aion Cleric Guide – How To Level As A Cleric

Leveling is the first step to having fun in the Aion game. Although, If you want to level on the fastest way you should know 5 things. * Where to go. * Who to talk to. * What quests to accept. * What to creatures to kill. * What items to get. If you get to know all these 5 things then the cleric leveling will be made very easy. To determine which area is good to level or not, it’s a need to look at the distance of an area and at the quests. Is the area not too big and not too small? Does the area have lots of quests? Then it’s an awesome place to level! A good quest shouldn’t take long to finish. When a quest takes let’s say 5 minutes, then you should definitely accept it. But, does a quest take 10-15+ minutes, decline it. You got to determine how long a quest will time.

Aion Cleric Guide – How To Make Kinah As A Cleric

In order to make lots and lots of Kinah in Aion you can do 3 things. * You grind for items or essences. * You make kinah by doing quests. * You take an lucrative profession. * Use the Auction House. To make kinah in the game you should do 1 of these thigns. However, why don’t you combine it? i mean, if you take kill quests, you can grind and do quests at the same time. Also, you can grind and gather at the same time so you can craft items in professions which you can sell eventually on the Auction House.

Aion Cleric Guide – What Profession To Get?

An other aspect in the Aion game is to know what profession to get for a cleric. However,you can take professions that are good for your character, or for it’s wealth (kinah). If you want your cleric character in Aion to have great gear when leveled to the max. level, then it’s recommend to take the armor crafting profession combined with a gathering profession. However, if you want make your character wealthy, then it’s recommended to only get a gathering profession.

Aion Cleric Guide – How To Dominate In PvP

If you are a PvPer (like me) then it’s really important to know your other class. You got to know 4 things about your enemies. * What abilities they can use. * How they use their abilities against you. * How to anticipate on their attacks. * How to attack & defend the Abyss Fortress. The first step in dominating the PvP battleground in Aion is to know what your enemies will do and how to defeat them by anticipating on their own moves. When you know their moves, you should keep an eye on how they use it. When you attack them, how will they anticipate on that? An other thing to keep an eye on in PvP is how you can attack & defend the Abyss Fortress. You need to win these battles since you want lots of Abyss points to buy new gear with, right? The best thing to do this is to group up with a couple of other players. Keep in mind that you need lots of healers and dps’ers in order to succeed with this.

Use An Aion Cleric Guide To Get Step By Step Instructions

If you want to be able to get to know all of this with step by step instructions then it’s highly recommended to get the Aion Cleric Guide. A guide like this will give you step by step instructions that’s coming along with maps, strategies and screenshots about the following: * How to level as a cleric. * How to make lots of kinah. * Crafting & Gathering professions strategies to skill up fast. * How to dominate in PvP.

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Visit: Aion Cleric Guide.

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