Airline Pilot Life Q&A | My Honeymoon Destination?

My first Q&A! Thankyou for sending your questions through and coming on this journey with me so far! I really appreciate all of the support, especially on my last video! In this video I talk about my life as an airline pilot, building hours, the balance with fitness and traveling the world and also where I would go for my honeymoon destination!

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50 replies
  1. KiwiMama
    KiwiMama says:

    I'm not your Friend, you are my competition in the sky…. LOL…. I see you have been getting a lot of slack and back lash of your public arena, what do you expect take it like a MAN and keep one foot in front of the other…. U GOT THIS BOO…. you keep soaring to the SKIES…. C U IN THE AIR…. NICK…. YOUR KIWI FRIEND…. XXXX…. P.S. U GOT 2 FIND A GIRLFRIEND 1ST…. LOL….

  2. Khilesh Raudhay
    Khilesh Raudhay says:

    Hello Nick! Thank You for making this very informative and factual Q&A 🙂 To see your channel prosper and gain such amazing community of aspiring Pilots is AMAZING! WELL DONE:)Your channel has really become inspired me to follow on with my dream of becoming a commercial pilot. Can I also thank the community aviators of this channel, who have really helped me out with the questions ive had about the aviation industry. THANK YOU! You and the community of intellectuals on your channel are blood legends! THANK YOU ALL

  3. martin naud
    martin naud says:

    hi, nick i'm gonna do my first solo flight maybe in the next week if the weather is good! i'm in canada i only have 18 years old so i'm gonna be a young pilot like you in maybe in one years my CPL gonna be done (hope so) hahaha but well is nice to see young pilot already in a airline! your video is so great ! i got friend how are airline pilot that gonna help me a lot! and the timing we are in is just perfect every airline take young pilot without one thousant hours of lfight you know!

  4. Aviator 777
    Aviator 777 says:

    Nick Priest Awesome Videos Super Edits ????‍✈️?️??? Can You let me Knw the background music you put in ur exercise video in the Hawaii Vlog thanx Sir ✈️???‍♂️

  5. Seraphina P
    Seraphina P says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge on aviation and these videos. How much more difficult is it from private pilot to commercial. hope cutie handsome pilot finds his princess one day!!!!


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