How To Plan A Wedding In France Or Germany

Getting married can be hard enough on home turf, in your own country, speaking your own language, but imagine trying to plan a wedding in another country where you don’t speak the language.

“Quel désastre,” as they say in France or as the Germans would say “Was für eine Katastrophe.”

But it doesn’t have to be. By following a few basic guidelines you can throw a destination wedding in either France or Germany.

Know the local laws – There can be lots of red tape to cut through when getting married in a new country. Make sure you are familiar with the local laws and customs.

Provisionally book accommodation – Your guests will be coming from far and wide. Tentatively reserve accommodation that will suit a variety of budgets.

Plan activities – For some of your guests, your wedding is not only a chance to celebrate your nuptials but is also an opportunity to explore a new part of Europe. Put together an itinerary of activities that will allow them to see the best of the area.

Keep things simple – Less is often more. Don’t over complicate things. Whether it be food, decor or the venue the more finicky details, the more room there is for error.

Get a wedding planner – This probably the most valuable piece of advice. It doesn’t matter how strong an idea you have of what you want for your big day, getting married in a country that is not your own, in a language that isn’t your first one can be daunting, to say the least. By employing the services of a wedding planner you can leave all the finer details to them while you get on with the business of getting married.

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Find a venue – This can be one of the most challenging elements of any wedding. The venue can make or break a wedding, and when you are “not in Kansas anymore Toto” it can be a truly terrifying task.

There are several factors to consider before you go venue hunting. Do you want in an indoor or outdoor wedding? Do you want a tented reception? Are you going to get married in a church? Will the celebrations be during the day or at night? How many people? How remote? Will you have a seated reception? Will there be dancing and or entertainment?

If you opt for an outdoor wedding, even if it is a summer wedding, remember that European weather can be somewhat unpredictable. Make sure your venue is suitable for some sort of tented cover. A tented wedding not only looks spectacular but also means that your guests can dance into the small hours of the morning without having to worry about mother nature making an unexpected appearance in the form of bad weather.

Speak like a local – Whether it is research on the internet or interacting with potential wedding suppliers, the idea of communicating in broken English is one that is probably sending cold shivers up your spine. Just imagine ordering 120 baby quail for the starter in your ‘best’ french, only to discover on the day that what you actually ordered was 120 live geese. Make sure you have a good translator! Whether it is Google translator for the various local wedding websites or to decode what the town florist is trying to sell you, the road ahead is paved with obstacles, don’t let language be one of them.

Here are some useful wedding phrases that will help get you started:


Location de chapiteau – Marquee rental

Tente de reception – Reception tent

Passez-moi à l’église à temps – Get me to the church on time

où est le champagne – Where is the champagne?


Festzelt – marquee, party tent or party marquee

Strandhochzeits zelte – Beach wedding tent

Wo ist der priester? – Where is the priest?

Wo ist der Champagner? – Where is the champagne?

Whether you are saying “Je fais” or “Ich mache” don’t let your wedding planning get lost in translation. Follow these guidelines and get hitched without a hitch.

Source by Carola Van Zyl

Worgen Classes – Knowing The 8 Worgen Classes

Worgen is one of the 2 races that are known to blow a gamers mind. When a player chooses this race, he finds himself choosing 8 Worgen classes. All of these 8 choices are considered to be an exciting choice. It does not matter what a player chooses, all of these types will certainly entertain a gamer.

So what are the different classes of a Worgen? Which class is better? The following classes are:

1.Death Knight

These are the 8 classes that promise gamers to be happy when they are using the Worgen. A online player must remember that when you use the Wolf clan, make sure to upgrade their special skills as soon as possible especially their movement speed and the "flayer" skill.

As you start to play this character, you are still weak, but if you upgrade the 2 skills first regardless what class you choose, it is assured that you can evade attacking enemies if you are not that strong, and at the same time you can level up faster when you have upgraded both.

Many gamers prefer using Druid because of the shape form it can create, but for me the death knight is the top pick. It is simple and the same time they are very deadly. Regardless what you choose, the 8 classes promises gamers a mind blowing experience. Just do not ever forget to upgrade the Flayer and the dark flight skills first.

Source by Pacey Jackson

Grinding Vs Questing – Which One is Better

Grinding is repeatedly killing the same monster over and over, for experience points (exp), money, or reputation. In World of Warcraft I would not generally recommend grinding for exp, as quests are usually the better alternative. But if you already know all the quests available to your character, because you already played several character of the same faction, grinding might be a quick way to level.

The advantage of grinding over questioning is that you do not lose time traveling from and to the quest givers, or searching your target target. The disadvantage is that you do not get the quest rewards, or the reputation that quests give. But if you are already equipped with the very best gear, advanced by your higher level characters, chances are that you do not need the quest rewards. And the reputation with the major cities that quests give is not strictly necessary either.

The idea of ​​grinding exp is to get the maximum exp per hour. If that sound does not sound obvious to you, you'll be surprised of how many people do not grasp the "per hour" part of it. Many people try to grind monsters of their level, or even a level or two above them, because these monsters give the most exp per kill, but this will do that, not only do the flights take longer, you are also likely to end the combat with less health and / or mana than you started with, necessitating some downtime between fights. So the most important grinding advice is trying to find mobs a bit lower than your level, which still give good exp, but which you can kill a lot faster and with less downtime.

For grinding, you might also need to change your tactics, especially if you are a spell master. For example my priest could kill a monster with spells, but at the end of combat he would be low in mana, and then need to sit down and regenerate it, which takes valuable time. So instead of using spells all the time, he starts the combat with spells (Mindflay, Shadow Word: Pain), then shields himself and finishes the monster off with his wand. That takes a bit longer for the kill, but during the wand phase he regenerates mana, and ends combat with full mana, directly ready for the next pull again. My shaman only uses melee combat and lightning shield to deal damage. If he finds a spot to which he can pull several monsters one after another, he also plants stoneskin and healing totems, which again reduce downtime, by making him have more health at the end of combat. If you have a warrior, experiment with the different situations, sometimes using defensive stance is a good option, because again you end the combat with more health, and have less downtime before the next combat.

I'm not going to give out a list of monsters to grind, because the perfect target for you will depend on your level, your class, and how crowded the most popular grinding spots are. There is no use in trying to grind against strong competition: if your downtime is caused by there not being enough monsters to kill, moves somewhere else. There are some easy principals that make a monster good for grinding: The mob should not be "social", that is you need to be able to pull them one by one. You should choose a mob which does not run away when low in health, because chasing after mobs costs time, and risks aggroing other mobs. Humanoid monsters are often preferable, because they drop cash, and less item loot. If you want to grind beasts, do it not too far away from the next vendor, because you'll lose time when your bags are full and you need to sell your loot.

If you can, grind mobs which give reputation points, for example the furbolgs which give Timbermaw fact. Unfortunately there are not all that many fact giving mobs, and they are usually heavily camped. A good place to look for mobs to grind is the various caves, for example with yeti or ogres, because the mobs there are often close to each other, so you do not have to walk far between two combats. If you happen to be a miner, these caves often also have mineral ores in them, for an added bonus. If you happen to know a quest that requires killing exactly the mobs you wanted to grind anyway, take the quest as bonus reward.

There are a couple of add-ons, like Telo's Infobar, which are able to tell you how many exp per hour you earned in your current gaming session. These are valuable tools in getting grinding right. Finding the optimum between killing speed and exp per kill is not always easy; you'll better experiment a bit. You may need to quickly logout and log back on to reset the counter if you want to test exp per hour of a particular batch of monsters.

As I recommend grinding only if you already have some high-level characters, if you do not start with questing. One of the best tricks to speed up leveling is not to play with the character you want to level. Just go dungeoneering with your mates using your high-level characters for some days, and then come back and grind your alt using the rest exp bonus he accumulated, so doubling your exp per hour. If you grind your low level character all the time, not only will you get less exp per hour, you will also quickly become terribly bored.

Source by Nickolie Greer

Understanding Dysfunctions During Mentoring Relationships

A few years ago we took our daughter and her friends to Imire Game Park, near the small town of Marondera in Zimbabwe, for her birthday party. It was an exhilarating day, which was capped by a game drive. We saw an interesting phenomenon when we met a herd of buffalo. This herd included a towering elephant who acted as the matriarch. This elephant grows up with the buffalo and thought that it is a buffalo. It protected and defended them. It refuses to associate with elephant herds. At one time a bull elephant was introduced to her for mating. They were kept in the same pen. It attacked and killed the intruder because it felt that its turf was being invaded and its authority undermitted. This elephant thought that it was a buffalo. Psychologically it was improperly nurtured and was not exposed to mature elephants and therefore its thinking is warped. It has lived its life below par. Although it protects the herd of buffalo, it aggressively attacks any would-be threat to its authority. Its strong nurturing instinct when coupled to its warped sense of identity made it a menace to any potential champions in the herd. She was happy as long as the buffalo and members of the herd were in their place and no one dared to rise to championship.

Sadly there are dysfunctional mentoring relationships with mentors who act like the matriarchal elephant among buffalo. They will support and encourage their charges as long as they do not outgrow the matriarchal elephant. Any growth beyond a certain level of influence poses a threat to the mentor who then seeks to destroy the protege. Although mentoring is a force for good, if abused it can destroy rather than nurture champions. Mentoring can build you or sow seeds for your destruction depending on the spirit and character of your mentor. Mentoring is excellent but it has its pitfalls. There are some dysfunctional mentoring relationships.

Consider this biblical case. Eli, the priest, had problems restraining his children who abused women and sacrifices at the temple in ancient Israel. He mentored Samuel, the prophet who was brought to the temple by her mother. In later years he also had problems restraining his children who became unruly. Samuel mentored David who allegedly had problems restructuring his own children. It appears to me that mentoring has potential to pass on the weaknesses of the mentor as well. In biblical language this could be considered as a form of transference / inheritance of spirits. It is known psychologically that when we communicate intimately we communicate our words as well as our moods, attitudes and our spiritual demeanour. Is it possible that we can also pass on our negative character flaws as well as what could be called generational inequalities?

I know an organization where people complain about certain characteristics, mannerisms and dysfunctional leadership styles of the founder. Yet the majority of the middle managers in that organization behave exactly the same way towards their subordinates. One day I said to one of the middle mangers, "Do you realize that you are repeating the leader's behaviors that you disdain?" He was shocked. What they detested in their leader, they replicated in their own lives. By relating to that mentor they inherited his weaknesses as well. When you relate closely to a person the spirit that works in them is transferred to you as well. That's why you ever have intimate people behaving in very similar ways.

One way to control for the weaknesses of mentors is to have multiple mentors, in which case one will cover for the other. In certain critical areas you must have a number of people you are accountable to. That protects you. Proverbs says, "In the multitude of counselers there is safety". The good thing about multiple mentors is that it restores the responsibility to make the final decision to the protege. The mentors give different perspectives but it is the responsibility of the emerging champion to analyze the diverse views and then take an informed decision. Too many people substitute mentors for their own decision-making responsibility. It's a fear of being responsible for the consequences of their decisions and so they look for mentors who would carry the risk. The Makoni amplified version of the Shona proverb says, "For maximum benefit from counsel, have the ability to think independently about the council given."

If a mentor is uncomfortable with you consulting others, it is likely that he is seeking control. You should be able to have brainstorming sessions with both mentors sometimes. It does not have to be adversarial. They are on the same team who brief and mandate is to facilitate your achieving maximum impact.

I want to state categorically that in a mentoring relationship the control remains with the protege. If you believe that your mentor is too controlling, it's up to you to draw the boundary. It is your life that is being built. It is your life that can be destroyed. You can start with a relationship that is sound and solid and get to a point where your mentor is intimidated by who you are. When you continue in that relationship, you will self-destruct. You should be able to say, "Thank you very much. I really appreciate what you have done. You control the relationship and never the other way.

You can not stand before the throne of God or any court of law to say, "I am not liable for my actions since my mentor counseled me to do this". At the end of the day you are accountable for all the decisions you make. It does not matter how much counsel you get – it is your life and destiny at stake, and there before you have the final responsibility over all decisions affecting your life. It is your responsibility to live your life according to your understanding of the revelation of the will of God, not according to your mentor's understanding. However you are also liable for the consequences of that understanding should prove it deficient.

I take in counsel but I retain the final responsibility. Similar business executives have final responsibility over the recommendations of consultants. They can not shirk responsibility on the basis of the consultant's opinion. They still need to assess the consultant's input and then make a decision which consequences they will live with. My pastor always says we are not guided by prophetic words. They are not the rule of thumb for the way we live. I seek to understand them and interpret them and make the final decision. I am finally accountable for every decision I make. Even if it's my mentor who told me to do it, if I am not in agreement I am able to tell him that I am still weighing my options. I should be able to engage my mentor and let him explain his reasoning and the assumptions of his counsel. I do not have to do it simply because he told me to.

I led a young man to Christ in 1984 and mentored him. By God's grace he qualified as a medical practitioner. At some point I caught him trying to recruit some of my staff away from me. Such is life. Mentoring relationships do not always work out the way you think. You have things like that. You will develop people and they steal your business or customers. Some of your star sales people what you have groomed will turn around and hurt you. But you need to have the capacity to forgive and keep blessing people because your call is to influence people for God and to touch the world for him. He never said everyone will appreciate you, though he did say there will be no challenges. So as mentors, you will be hurt but you need to move on and keep building people. That's life. You will not stop nurturing though others disappointment you. It is there appropriate that dysfunctional mentoring can also originate from the emerging champion.

Dysfunctional mentoring does not occur as often as good relationships. However it's important to recognize that dysfunctional mentoring does exist and can have seversequences. There is potential for mentoring relationships to change over time and become dissatisfying and destructive as individual needs and / or organizational circumstances change. It is there before possible for a perfectly sound mentoring relationship to turn dysfunctional. Since mentoring relationships are often intimate, the consequences of negative interactions could be detrimental to both mentoring partners and other related parties.

A recent study concluded that mentoring is not a simple, all-or-none matter but falls along a continuum of effectiveness. Individuals in highly satisfying mentoring relationships reported more positive attitudes than non-mentored individuals, but the attitudes of those in dissatisfying or marginally satisfying relationships were equivalent to those of non-mentored individuals. In some cases non-mentored individuals expressed more positive attitudes than people in dissatisfying relationships.

Although it is clear that good mentoring leads to positive outcomes, bad mentoring may be destructive. In some cases, it may be worse than no mentoring at all. Although truly dysfunctional mentoring relationships are likely to terminate, relationships that are marginally effective may simply end. Perhaps these relationships endure because the mentoring partner receives some limited help from the mentor, or because he does not want to risk negative repercussions from terminating the relationship. Perhaps, these marginal, dependent or abusive relationships serve needs that are simply dysfunctional; some individuals may seek dysfunctional work relationships just as they seek dysfunctional home relationships. Dysfunctional mentoring relationships may result in more harm than not being mentored.

Source by Dr Tawafadza A. Makoni

Lovers Dance

Here I sit in silent wonder searching beyond the veil of consciousness driven by Divine discontent. Yes, only in the peace of stillness can the source of all knowledge, love and wisdom be found in the collective unconscious or universal mind. The sweetest music in the universe is when lovers dance to the tune of the one vibration. However so many in this period of history, fail to learn how to dance correctly in order to create the most beautiful inspirational harmony. This leads us to the realization, that the main purpose of relationship is spiritual growth. Correct relationship with another is only possible when first you have attained this within yourself.

The world reflects back to you, your own energy state. Therefore in the beginning of your conscious journey in life you need to become aware of your own unique energy state or frequency. The easiest way to work this out is to look at what is reflected back from a partner with what you can exchange energy with love and caring. Unfortunately it is not possible to learn very much from someone for what you care very little about.

So now this leads us into a good story because I like you enjoy a good story. The greatest joy in this world is a person who feels that he has been truly, completely and totally divinely blessed. However Daniel did not feel this way as he sat on the beach early one fine morning watching the sun rise. The sun rose from out of the East pushing back the darkness. This is the beginning of another day completing another cycle of rebirth.

Daniel sat there watching the sun's rays first stream out from the horizon over the ocean; followed by the illumination of the tops of the clouds and then the tops of the trees on the headland. It is at first a heel glow before being transformed into a golden ball of light. How the evolution of the soul so closely mirrors this simple awakening each morning.

At first the soul is so clouded down by the outflowing controls of the ego that only a dim light can be seen. However in the fullness of time as the ego is so worn down through pain and suffering experience it ever gives up or surrenders to the higher power within. So now we can see only the golden glow of the beautiful uplifting all inspiring soul light a burning fire.

Yes, in stillness Daniel sat there quietly pondering on the cyclic nature of life. Contemplating upon another failed relationship wondering what he had learned out of it all? This man is a little bitter may we say because he is now the veteran survivor of a couple of failed relationships. He is a little scarred and battle weary from his experiences. However in failure you have the seeds of success. So as he was always the eternal optimist; his interest was soon ignited when one fine day he sees a pretty young thing oops I mean young woman move across his field of vision. Attraction is the soul's joke on the personality.

The woman of his attraction was Rose an aspiring high priestess we may say. Although she understands the theory of the ancient wisdom she has yet the skill to live this correctly in practice. Even though she is a few years younger in physical age, her spiritual maturity was a finer lighter frequency by comparison. As their eyes met them both felt the shudder of instant magnetic attraction as their auras complimented each other lifting their composite energy even higher.

The higher frequency person is the teacher or guide while the lower frequency person is the student. We are all guides or students depending on who we are talking to on the path of life. Because Rose could see a little further than her partner she could see the limitations. However she chooses to commit herself as an act of service. In addition due to a very deep inner insecure, she felt drawn back into relationship to fulfill the soul driven urge to find completion. Every person who understands and lives personal responsibility correctly is also a priest. This is why we say that she is an aspiring high priestess because she is working towards this goal.

From that very first moment they pursued a path of courtship finding that place where all lovers ever go, the consummation of their love by becoming lovers. The big commitment was then made to love each other forever and always. This couple had a lot going for them in many respects. In particular they had an understanding of energy conservation. In addition the ability to raise energy from the lower to the higher chakra's or energy center's in the body, which is commonly called the tantric system.

To cringe in fear or fly in the freedom of love is the essential choice in life, which is also revealed in how you are as a lover. When you bring psychic barriers with you into your loving relationship then you are signing up for another prison sentence. Only people choosing to live free of barriers will be in true freedom together creating the clearest sweetest musical harmonies.

As you know the best approach to another is freedom from ego. This is equally true when we approach our love partner. This allows for the free exchange of energy with the least resistance leading to the best and highest quality experience. This is after all our motivation to be drawn into such an experience. It takes ideally three days to exchange energy on the minority levels before even touching one another on the physical level.

Allow yourself to go into a light trance beforehand. With totally focused attention you work through the various cycles. The first phase is to play and build energy, which is followed by a rest period or plateau thereby avoiding climax or finality. The focus of the spiritual warrior is always on process because correct process always leads inevitable results. These cycles of arousal with rest and consolidation allows you to progressively build stronger and stronger energy in the body.

This increased energy in your body puts greater pressure on your resistance points particularly as expressed through your chakras. By coming to your attention in this way it becomes easier for you to face and transform these weaknesses. Every time you come to that point of exquisite beauty and joy as you experience the valley orgasm. This happens as the net result of that specific play of finely tuned energies leading into total surrender and bliss. You may feel the golden nectar coming down the back of your throat from the brain. In this moment you are as one with your partner in a real way because you are both vibrating at the same frequency.

On a psychic level all is revealed and is easily seen in yourself and your partner. Again in this simple act of making love is the acting out of the surrender of the ego to divine spiritual will. Energy dynamics with the resultant sensations within are the net result of the interplay or balance of all the energies involved. The art of being a good lover is the same as in any undertaking, which is the creative manipulation of energy. Making love with another is the same as making love within yourself only you are sharing your energy with another.

Spirituality is only sexuality raised to a higher level, which explains why sex maybe so easily utilized as a tool to raise frequency assisting your spiritual growth. Like any tool if used incorrectly can lead to damaging results. This explains why a couple's love life often separate them every day life. It is wise to know that excessive climax leads to many harmful effects on your health including being more prone to depression with criminal tendencies. Naturally degenerative diseases with hair loss are other important symptoms of this particular pattern.

As time went by Daniel was finding his ego progressively more difficult to manage. This was because he liked to nurture his personality pride by playing the power struggle game. He was good at it and usually managed to get the upper hand. Intuitively he felt his wife's more gentle nature with far greater insight. However he was unable to control his own insecurity combined with the feelings of low self esteem so he resified her teachings in many ways. To busy with his own thoughts, which he regarded as more important. He did not listen. We all ever learn that he who does not listen must feel! So too in time Daniel was to learn this very lesson.

His wife Rose tried in many ways both subtle and not so subtle to educate her husband but all in vain. The reason being that Daniel would rather control another than face his own limitations in the first place. The focus of control was being directed outwards instead of correctly inwards. As a natural consequence he projected his limitations on to another, which was mainly his wife. Then as a natural consensus he psychologically attacked her into the bargain to complete the illusion. He was lord and master of his universe. However the controls were working less and less well. Rose proceeded to withdraw progressively, at first mentally and then emotionally. Sometimes she was to withdraw despite when she left a note on the kitchen table explaining that she had left for good.

Daniel did not see it coming because he was too consumed in his own reality to notice what was happening with his relationship. His world collapsed as his emotional security blanket was so abruptly removed. The crisis is the time of the big test. Which way will he go? Is it a simple choice of down or up? Daniel's saving grace was his spiritual education, which for so long was left sitting on the shelf gathering dust. This knowledge he now put to good use by letting go and surrendering to the higher power within himself. In that moment he saw the totality of his life up to that point as living denial of personal responsibility. In that same moment Daniel died as we once knew him. From that point into the future he could see that he would always now live true. Perhaps he was not always making the wisest choices but always accepting total responsibility for the consequences of his choices.

Out of this experience he saw with intuitive insight his own weaknesses and very appropriately he felt totally ashamed. The trauma of pain and suffering experience with his relationship breakup forcibly moved him through his next spiritual growth step.

Only after the dust had settled, now moving to experience the peace within, which he had not known before, could he in all honesty say that it was all worth it. Rose having passed through her own initiation some time before meeting Daniel understood all that was before him. Her great learning was to realize that no one can walk the path of another. By staying as she was tolerating her husband's inattention with lower personality nature she was only contributing to his limitations and not helping in any way.

Rose experienced another insight or intuitive flash by realizing that the basis for her allowing abuse from her husband was her own lack of assurance or self esteem. In times of stress the ego releases its grip for a moment thereby allowing an influx of soul light, which provides an intuitive romantic insight or psychic insight. Some people will experience these psychic flashes a number of times before the penny finally drops and they really get it !!!!

The relationship trauma helped her to recognize and value herself in a very real way. She came to recognize that anyone with significant limitations combined with the attitude of "Do not want to look at anything, do not want to change anything" is best served by letting them go to interact with people with a similar spiritual status to their own. This is spiritual love because this allows the person in question the best chance to grow spiritually.

To constantly turn the other cheek so to speak by allowing another to continuously treat you with lower personality abuses serves absolutely no useful purpose at all. In this situation direct action or assertive behavior needs to be taken, which is for the other person's benefit and not because you feel irritated in any way. If you feel irritated out of this experience then this only means a message with more learning for you.

In the learning situation with a request for assistance then every allowance is made in being exposed to limitations because the proceedings are guided by purpose. In passing we will mention that is unwISE to give energy which includes healing energy to another without it is requested.

Unasked for advice is interference. Love may be given freely whether it is accepted or not because it incurs no karmic debt. In passing we will mention that love can only be directed on a personality level because it is never rejected on a soul level. We all need to be very careful, which energies we choose to direct at others because whatever is returned will be returned to us. The energy affects us going through our being and again in the event when it is returned. This is why love is the safest thing that we can give anyone. From my own personal experience I have found that revised love when returned feet enriched some how?

Following the breakup Rose could see the improvements in Daniel's behavior but she knew that it would take time for Daniel to consolidate the spiritual growth steps he had taken. She has now come to realize completion or self realization. As a natural consensus she no longer felt the need to be drawn back into relationship with anyone for any reason. Being now only a lover of humanity she walks the path of service.

Daniel came to accept his former wife's decision, learning gratitude for what is given. Her maintained friendship, love and support although they continued to live separate lives. Now that Daniel lived a single person life he had plenty of time for reflection and contemplation. During one of these quiet moments he meditated on the essential nature of humanity. All the spiritual theory that he had studied in the course of his life, had done him little good in isolation. However this theory in the light of personal experience changes everything!

One experience is worth a thousand theories. He pondered on the sweet and sour index to assess an individual's temperament. When he looked at the pattern of his own life, he came to the realization that pain and suffering experience had led him to become a very much softer and gentler human being.

Both Daniel and Rose came to the same point of self realization in their own time and way. They were both so busy giving service that they had no time for any more personality problems. However they did both manage to take a time out from their heavy work schedules to practice a little dual cultivation, which is the lovers dance as it has always been intended. Because they both now had clear personalities the currents of energy between them was very strong. When ever they were in each others company the electricity would pass between them sending off sparks with an all pervading sweet smelling perfume. Any person open to receiving healing would receive this just by being in the presence of the two initiates in the same room. The power of their combined aura's being so strong.

Out of these experiences it is seen that anyone wishing to progress naturally needs to become aware of their own unique frequency or spiritual status on the path of life. How will you know if you are making any progress without you first know your starting point? Secondly you need to be able to discriminate between the people whose advice is worth listening to and those people who are best ignored.

The sweet and sour index is an easy to use guide, which enables us to work out anyone's frequency. Strong or big ego's are part focus and thereby demonstrate more personality resistance. This leads to restricted or reduced energy flow, which in turn creates the energy state of reduced voltage or power. This is why strong personalities invariably exhibit more sour dispositions or temperament because they function more out of lower personality.

The more you react in your inter personal relationships then the lower is your spiritual status. There is firstly the lack of responsibility creating the pattern of throwing low vibration energy outwards. Of course naturally when this energy is returned by the universe, this will lead to an even sourer disposition because the person concerned does not accept responsibility to face what is being returned. So more very sour energy is thrown back again into the universe completing the never ending cycle of denial of personal responsibility.

Because you are functioning on a part foundation this goes hand in hand with the feelings of insecure or low self esteem. A bit of bad news for those people who love their depression because this is only another aspect of sour. Put down comments are usual for this person who tries to compensate for their own feelings of inadequacy or lack of self assurance. A person who demonstrates clingy or needy behavior is a person who is searching for completion from another because it is not felt within. However it does not work because only a strong foundation is the answer.

Conversely the opposite is also true of course. By comparing strong self confidence is associated with sweetness because it is based on the whole aspect the strongest foundation. Less personality resistance creates more power as more soul light is expressed, leading to a very much gentler way of being. This reflects the more responsible pattern, which is to look within. The lower personality energies once seen correctly will be transformed. This naturally leads to a softer disposition as the higher quality personality energies are expressed.

The more you respond to your social conditions then rest assured your spiritual status is higher. Once you know the parameters and observes in this way then you are able to see everyone's position on the scale. Now put down comment energy will be seen correctly for what it is; a compliment for higher spiritual status. The hallmark of the evolved soul is to be able to laugh in the face of denigration because it is all so completely irrelevant. With clear perception anyone can see that bullying energy only comes from a perspective of weakness and not strength.

The most important step in anyone's life is to open your self up to receive, which is to start the process of unfoldment or evolution. One step follows another so after a time you will be very well surprised to find yourself in a very different place from where you originally started. As you experience and enjoy the wider view from the higher perspective, you are allowed to feel justify able pride at gaining greater control over your own lower personality nature. The more information you are given then the greater is your responsibility to apply it correctly.

The additional responsibility is to pass this information to others in need by sharing. By trying to hold onto anything only restricts the flow, which is not wise because you will only experience congestion, which is not comfortable. You will find your greatest test as I have, which is to pass this information on with the same purity and clarity as it was received. My experience has been that it is not possible to give gratitude adequately to the people who have trained you. All you can really do is to make the best use of what has been given by giving to others in the same way. This is what I call passing the blessings on, which is gratitude in action.

Any person experiencing lots of adversity usually leaves a bit sour about it all. However adversity or feeling tested is the greatest blessing in disguise. Adversity is only that aspect of your own frequency being reflected back to you, which you find a challenge. Your progress in life is largely determined by how you manage adversity. Immaturity is to throw energy outwards in the face of adversity while security is to direct energy inwards to transform your own lower personality nature.

Assertive behavior in the face of unfair and unreasonable treatment normally requires a neutral disposition, which is to stand firm. When you move beyond adversity altogether then you will find yourself to be a person who has been divinely blessed. This is how Daniel now feels about the pattern of his life, which brings only blessings.

Now Daniel finds himself sitting once again on the headland as the dawn breaks. Only this time he is in deep meditation completing the process of dissolving the crystallization of ego. In meditation he has come to see as a direct experience that personality resistance leads to crystallization, which in turn is the basis for all reactivity! Only when all resistance has been dissolved through increased soul energy flow does it then become possible to live a life of peace with surrender and deeply loving compassion. Life was never meant to be a struggle. Do not worry be happy instead and of course have some fun.

Source by Albertus Luchjenbroers

5 Powerful Tips to Consider Before You Start a Catholic Business

There are about 1.2 billion Catholics in the world. With that many people with something in common, there is a great opportunity not only to build a great business but one that is socially good virtuous.

Now, in reality, a Catholic business shouldn’t be any different from any other business aside from its goals. When devout Catholics want to start a business, you’ll often see them create a book store. That’s great, but often these small shops get dominated by larger online chains.

Here are some tips for starting a business that carries with it the conviction that comes with faith:

  1. The most important thing to realize that everybody needs a solution to something, and if you can fulfill that need you are making their life better. Your business does not have to be overtly Catholic (i.e. a Catholic book store, or a Catholic bakery), rather your mission statement and the soul of your business should be geared toward holiness. That way, you could start a web development, show shine, or online fishing store and still carry with it the impact of your faith.
  2. You need to learn effective selling and marketing skills. I can’t tell you how many Catholic businesses I’ve seen that have horrible promotional campaigns, terrible websites, and still wonder why they can’t get any customers. Just because your business is faith-based it doesn’t mean that you can ignore the fundamentals.
  3. Engage in social media. There are a lot of folks out there that are willing to spread the word of your business, especially if you’ve engaged them on a consistent basis. Do not ignore the revolution that is taking place, and take a course on social networking if you have to.
  4. Find a mentor – even if they are not Catholic. You need someone to bounce ideas off of and to ensure that your ideas are realistic and doable. A mentor will act as a guide and will make sure that you are successful.
  5. Join a mastermind group and share ideas. The best way to learn something new is to learn it from someone else. There are meetup groups all over the place and for almost every industry, and you need to take advantage of them. One additional benefit is that you’ll be networking with other people who may become future clients.

The point of this article is that you need to do everything that a secular business person needs to do. Just like being religious won’t help you to be a better soccer player, if you intend to join the game of business you need to learn the rules of business. So get out there, and start learning.

Source by Dean Soto

Warcraft Power Leveling 70+ The Easy Way

There are so many different ways that you can boost your characters power level in the world of warcraft, one of the planets most popular MMORPG's (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). Whether you are completely new to the game or have been an MMO gamer for years, there are a few tips you can use as soon as you register your race and get into the vast realm of warcraft magic that includes more than 10,000,000 gamers worldwide.

You should know a few basics about the game before you get started, in particular, the two main different sides (or teams), the Alliance (the side of light and white magic) or the Horde (the side of evil and dark magic) . The two sides battle through the world of warcraft and keep the fight moving through the forests of Felwood or the mountain peaks of Winterspring.

Knowing where to find your quests and quickly move through each map location will keep your power moving sky high through your gaming experience.

Here are some major power leveling tips that will keep your characters WOW level increasing from newbie to gaming pro in no time:

1. Finding a map location and alliance or horde travel path website or resource can be so vital to leveling quickly and consistently. There are some great resources out there and this can show you every location for your particular level and where to move most efficiently.

2. Complete quests in order for your characters race and move through each map area accordingly. Questing is the fastest way for a new player to gain experience points, each completed quest earns a wealthy sum of WOW gold and XP points.

3. Play the game! The most important piece to gaining power levels in WOW (or any game for that matter) is to simply play the game. Interact with other players, battle in pvp losses, take part in group quests and games, collect items and trade them or sell at auction, there are so many things to do in the World of Warcraft and all of them increase your experience as a player and therefore boost your characters gaming level.

These are the most basic of points to get you headed toward that high level and flying mount at lvl 70. Also, with expansions such as the Burning Crusade the fun continues to move forward with bolder maps, new character races, new magic and weapons, and everything a true MMO gamer loves, more players.

Source by Jim Bradley

How to Boost Your Self Esteem and Create Better Habits

The dictionary definition of self esteem is: a favorable opinion of ones self. The dictionary definition of self confidence is: confidence in ones own judgment, ability, power, sometimes to an excessive degree.

Although the two are different, they are meant to work in tandem. If you look in a mirror and hate the person you see, then your self esteem and self confidence is quite low. That is what you should be working on. If you don’t like and believe in yourself, how can you expect others to do so???

Sow a thought and you reap an act. Sow an act and you reap a habit. Sow a habit and you reap a character. Sow a character and you reap a destiny. (*Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Habits are merely the constant repetition of the same thing so that your brain knows how to do it automatically. Breathing, heart pumping, brain giving instructions to different parts of your body. These are all automatic functions and operate on a purely subconscious level. However, there are plenty of things that we can learn to do and keep doing until they form a habit. It is said that if you use your brain to play solitaire, scrabble, do crosswords or other such brain activities, you are creating more neural pathways and can slow down or stop the possible onset of Alzheimers disease. So why not use your brain for all that you can. Man only uses approximately 10% of his brain normally anyway. In the case of genuine geniuses, this is a higher figure.

So, why not retrain your neural pathways to boost self confidence and self esteem so that these qualities also become an automatic reaction. Of course it takes time if you are low in these areas, but all good things take time.

The way self esteem works is called the Self Esteem Bank. You own your own bank account and only you can allow deposits or withdrawals. For example if someone pays you a compliment, naturally you will let that deposit occur. The same if you pay yourself a compliment. However if someone puts you down, or heaven forbid, you should put yourself down, then you have the choice of allowing that withdrawal or not. It is easier to disallow a putdown from someone else than it is to do so from yourself. So you have to be your own security guard and protect yourself. Make this also a habit so your brain creates yet another neural pathway and accepting compliments and rejecting putdowns almost becomes yet another automatic subconscious feature of your mind.

There are 3 vital points to remember about self esteem.

First you have to like yourself before anybody else will.

Secondly, who really cares what others think about you. It is your opinion of yourself that truly matters.

Finally you can fool some of the people some of the time, but in the end you can’t fool yourself.

Self confidence and self esteem are the keys to life.


If you think you’re beaten, you are. If you think you dare not, you don’t. If you like to win but think you can’t, it’s almost a cinch you won’t. If you think you’re lost, you lose, for out in the world we find, Success begins with a person’s will. It’s all in the state of mind. If you think you’re outclassed, you are, you’ve got to think high to rise. You’ve got to be sure of yourself before you can ever win a prize. Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later the one who wins is the one who thinks he can. (*Paul Hanna)

The only ceiling in life is the one you give it. When you are born, you have no limitations. As you grow, you become influenced by family, friends, school, university and workmates. You can choose to be a winner or a loser. You can become as successful as you want and a part of this is choosing who to associate with. For example if you associate with drug users and the criminal element, chances are that’s the sort of person you will become. BUT, if you mix with successful, hard-working people in any industry, you are bound to make a success of yourself if you truly believe that you can!

If you go to a party or a club, or even at work, you often notice that when a particular person enters the room, it seems that all eyes are drawn to them. That is because they have a high level of self confidence and self esteem and believe in themselves totally. That causes them to radiate that belief outwards and attract attention. A lot of high powered salespeople have this as a natural part of their persona. Some prime ministers. presidents and other public figures are the same. same. Anthony Robbins is one prime example of a motivational speaker who draws you in because of his boundless energy and radiating sense of self worth. If you go to a place of religious worship, you may find the priest/reverend/rabbi, also possesses this powerful sense of self, and that is through total belief and commitment to a cause. In their case it is religion.

Posture and the way people walk, sit, stand and even talk can be analysed to see how different things can be with simple body and mind modification techniques.


A well known speaker started off his seminar by holding up a $20 note. In a room of 200 people, he asked who would like the $20 note. Hands started going up naturally. He said I am going to give this to one of you, but first, let me do this. He proceeded to crumble and screw the note up into a ball. He then asked who still wants it. The hands stayed up. Well, he replied. What if I do this? He dropped it on the floor and ground the note into the floor with his shoe. He then picked up the dirty screwed up note. Who still wants it now? The hands remained raised. My friends, we have all learned a very valuable lesson. No matter what I did to the $20 not, it did not decrease in value. It is still worth $20.

Many times in our lives, we are dropped, trodden on, bullied, and ground into the dirt by the decisions we make and the circumstances that come our way. We feel as if we are worthless. But no matter what happened, or what will happen, you will never lose your value: clean, dirty, crumbled, or finely creased. You are still priceless to those who love you. The worth of our lives comes not in what we do or who we know, but who we are!

You are special. Don’t ever forget it. Count your blessings, not your problems. Never be afraid to try something new.

Some proverbs by authors unknown

-Remember that amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.

-If it’s to be, it’s up to me. Therefore if it’s up to me, it’s to be!

-You can’t jump a chasm in 2 jumps!

Believe in yourself. You have to live with yourself for a long time so better to believe than admit defeat.

-Whatever the mind can believe and perceive, it can achieve.

-A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

-The only time you fail is when you refuse to get up again.

-Be grateful for problems. It means you are alive!

Make a list of your goals and prioritise them. Then focus on them one at a time. More is achieved by doing things this way than by spreading yourself too thin.

Thirteen Ways to Increase Your Self-Esteem BUILD CONFIDENCE

Confidence stays on the inside and builds from there. So whenever you want to accomplish something, picture yourself already there. See yourself successful and make it real in your mind. Close your eyes and fill in all the details–how it would feel, how you would behave, how others would behave in response. Then put what you see into action. As you think, so you are.


Say nice things to other people. Make a list of the things you would like and appreciate in others. Lend a helping hand when you can. By helping others, we feel more in control of our own lives.


Perfectionism paralyses you and keeps you from accomplishing your goals.


Your physical appearance is a critical factor in your self-esteem. Resist the urge to get sloppy on days when you feel bad. In fact, those are the days when you should take extra care to look your best.


Get regular exercise; when you can use your body effectively, you feel more in control. Listen to music, commune with nature, meditate. As you do these things, let thoughts come and go. Daydream and centre yourself. What were your passions as a child? What do you fantasize about now?


List 50 reasons why you can respect yourself. If you get stuck, think of people who admire you or have admired you, and write down what they would say about you.


When you’re going through tough times, find a strength or piece of knowledge (knowledge is power, you know) that you would not otherwise have, were it not this particular trauma.


Sometimes values conflict. In that case, practice role playing with a friend and explore the various consequences of each action. Then choose what feels best for you.


Do something that makes you feel good–something that’s just for you… every day!.


Take a course. travel to a new place–it’s easier to try out new facets of your personality when you are away from the familiar. As you meet new challenges, you gain new confidence and enhance your sense of accomplishment.


Dispute your pessimistic beliefs. Think of misfortunes as temporary and specific instead of permanent and general. For example, “All managers are jerks” is permanent and pervasive, a view that can lead to feeling hopeless about a particular problem you’ve encountered. “He was in a bad mood this morning” is an explanation that takes the temporary/specific viewpoint. It allows hope for improvement.


When somebody behaves in a manner that you find rude or abrasive, that tells you something about that person and how he or she is feeling at the moment. Try to see the pain or fear the other person is experiencing and tackle it from that perspective.


See the humorous side of life’s everyday calamities. When you can see both the serious and humorous side of a given situation, your perspective and your approach will be more balanced. So lighten up. You’ll bounce back from disappointments and embarrassing moments more quickly, and more people will like you better, too.

Practice these positive measures to reinforce your own belief in your self worth and increase your self-esteem. Then you’ll have the master key to your own success.

Source by Laurence Pollwade

Famous Subliminal Messages in Music

There have been many rumors and speculations that famous songs actually contain subliminal messages. Subliminal messages used in songs are verbal or aural in natured, and are delivered either very quickly or back at such low volumes that the audience is unaware of receiving it. Such charges are made not just to rock music, but even Christian songs as well!

A famous subliminal message in music would be the song Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, that apparently when played backwards contains satanic messages. This is a form of reverse subliminal messages. More often than not, these are inserted for entertainment purposes or to increase sales of the album. It has been speculated that Led Zeppelin inserted the message as they thought that if people played the record back enough times, it would spoil it and hence lead to increased sales for them!

Other famous subliminal messages in music include one involving The Beatles, specifically the song titled Come Together, which is said to be about sex with John Lennon. Even Britney Spears, in the song "I'm not that Innocent" had supposedly inserted the message "Sleep with me I'm not too young" when played backwards! The rock group Queen's song "Another One Bites the Dust" is also purported to be talking about drug use when played backwards.

Several years ago, there was a court case involving the suing of a rock group "Judas Priest" which had inserted the subliminal message of "Do it" in their song, which the parents felt induced their children to commit suicide.

Before getting carried away and panicking about the various songs that you have listened to before, the real issue is not whether there are actual messages included in songs, but if these have any influence on the audience. If you were to hear such a message played backwards, would you be able to understand it, or subconsciously alter your behavior?

Research has shown that when participants listened to messages recorded backwards, they are unable to decode what it actually was when played normally. Their behavior was not altered in any noticeable way. After all, if listening to metal bands that proclaim death and gore do not injustice people to go on a murder rampage, it is inadvertently that such subliminal messages in music can have significant adverse effects on the audience.

Source by Greg Frost

Sins and the REAL Demons

We all must know that the Catholic Church has used fear of demons and so-called sin to make a great deal of their power. I hope to illustrate the inner workings of the separation of church and state that is not a reality and that the state uses the same techniques. In the words of the deservedly respected historians Will and Ariel Durant we visit with the technocrats of the Jesuit Order who John Ralston Saul holds up as the forerunners of the lobbyists and other courtesans of this present enlightened age. The quotation from Rousseau and Revolution does not elucidate the agreement Charles of Spain made before giving the Jesuits he expelled from Spain a small stipend. That agreement called for silence on the matters relating to their attempts to inform the people of his true nature. But during this silent period I suggest there were some Jesuits like Adam Weishaupt who decided enough was enough. It is this moment in history that we find a significant change in the world took place. America was created in the same year the Illuminati were re-organized and Russia celebrated the founding day of these Illuminati in their May Day celebration.

Various accounts say they intended to have him killed and the truth may never be known because the rest of the Catholic world allowed these hundreds of good Catholics to nearly die on a boat going from port to port seeking refugee. This was (as you will see) a time when muggers and crooks were given 'sanctuary' in the churches. Gregory of Tours in an earlier time notes how this 'sanctuary' often led to the victims making money from charging the alleged crook or the parties wishing to kill them through secret agreements. The Jesuits so expelled lived a miserable existence on a meager pension but kept their mouths shut because if even one talked all would lose their pension. In short there really is no mystery here at all – but it does dovetail with the possibilities of why we are seldom allowed to hear what really went on in the annals of what we improperly call history.


The power of the Catholic Church rested on the natural super-naturalism of mankind, the recognition and sublimation of sensual impulses and pagan survivals, the encouragement of Catholic fertility {Read baby-factories and 'barefoot in the kitchen'.}, And the inculcation of a theology rich in poetry and hope, and useful to moral discipline and social order. In Italy the Church was also the main source of national income, and a valued check upon a people especially superstitious, pagan, and passionate. Superstitions abounded; as late as 1787 witches were burned at Palermo – and refreshments were served to fashionable ladies observing the scene. (2) Pagan beliefs, customs, and ceremonies survived with the genial sanction of the Church. 'I have arrived at a vivid conviction,' wrote Goethe, 'that all traces of original Christianity are extinct here' in Rome. (3) There were, however, many real Christians left in Christendom, even in Italy. Conte Caissotti di Chiusano, bishop of Asti, cave up his inheritance, lived in voluntary poverty, and traveled only on foot. Bishop Testa of Monreale slept on straw, ate only enough to subsist, kept only 3,000 lire of his revenues for his personal needs, and directed the reminder to public works and the poor. (4)

{But the majority of prelates were not so inclined as they engaged in concubinage and fathering children of the parishioners wives as the church owned the majority of farms and land through Italy while collecting alms for the poor. The bulk of church wealth comes from guilt and estates where upon death promises of salvation are tied to a good deed by giving the wealth to the church rather than the justly describing heirs.}

The Church responded in some measure to the enlightenment. The works of Voltaire, Rousseau, Diderot, Helvétius, d'Holbach, La Mettrie, and other freethinkers were of course placed on the Index Expurgatorius, but permission to read them might be obtained from the pope. {This is a perfect example of what we said about practicing one thing while excluding others access to what works. The pope also became promoted as a source of the right to learn. Is this like the situation we have in public education before reaching university?} Monsignor Ventimiglio, bishop (1757-73) of Catania, had in his library full editions of Voltaire, Helvetius, and Rousseau. The Inquisition was abolished in Tuscany and Parma in 1769, in Sicily in 1782, in Rome in 1809. {Witches were still outlawed no doubt. It took until 1951 to rescind the laws against being a witch in England. There are movements afoot to re-institute blasphemy laws.} In 1783 a Catholic priest, Tamburini, under the name of his friend Trauttmansdorff, published an essay On Ecclesiastical and Civil Toleration, in which he condemned the Inquisition, declared all coercion of conscience to be un-Christian, and advocated tolerance of all theologies except atheism. (5)

It was the misfortune of the popes, in this second half of the eighth century, that they had to face the demand of Catholic monarchs for the total dissolution of the Society of Jesus. The movement against the Jesuits was part of a contest of power between the triumphant nationalism of the modern state and the internationalism of a papacy weakened by the Reformation, the Enlightenment, and the rise of the business class. {Cardinal Biffi of Bologna thinks there is an anti-Christ among us today who is a philanthropist of great wealth. This 'anti-Christ' supports ecological, animal – and women's right while destroying the tenets of Catholicism. Biffi was a leading contender to take John Paul II's place from the conservative faction of this supranational elite. This anti-Christ is well versed in the Bible and perhaps even a better Christian than Biffi, as I see it.} The Catholic enemies of the Society did not openly press their chief objection, that it had consistently upheld the authority of the popes as superior to that of kings, but they were keenly resentful that an organization acknowledging no superior except its general and the pope should in effect institute, within each state, an agent of foreign power. They acknowledged the learning and piety of the Jesuits, {Were they jealous of their 'brothers' who actually knew more?} Their contributions to science, literature, philosophy, and art, their sedulous and efficient education of Catholic youth, their heroism on foreign missions, their recapture of so much territory once lost to Protestantism. But they charged that the Society had repeatedly interfered in secular affairs, that it had engaged in commerce to reap material gains, that it had inculcated casuistic principles excusing immorality and crime, condoning even the murder of kings, that it had allowed heathen customs and beliefs to survive among its supposed conversions in Asia, and that it had offended other religious orders, and many of the secular clergy, by its sharpness in controversies and its contemruptuous tone. The Ambassadors of the Kings of Portugal, Spain, Naples, and France condemned that the papal charter of the Society be revoked, and that the organization be officially and universally dissolved.

The expulsion of the Jesuits from Portugal in 1759, from France in 1764-67, from Spain and Naples in 1767, had left the Society still operative in Central and North Italy, in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in Catholic Germany, Silesia, and Poland. On February 7, 1768, they were expelled from the Bourbon duchy of Parma, and were added to the congestion of Jesuit refugees in the states of the Church. Pope Clement XIII protested that Parma was a papal fief; he threatened Duke Ferdinand VI and his ministers with an explanation of the edict of expulsion should be enforced {But Hitler, or should I say Schicklgruber / Rothschild, was never excommunicated and probably not even threatened. Why ?!}; when they persisted he launched a bull declaring the rank and title of the Duke forfeited and annulled. The Catholic Governments of Spain, Naples, and France opened war against the papacy: {One of my ancientors was Miles Keogh who fought with the Vatican Army before his horse was the only survivor of Custer's Last Stand at the Little Big Horn. Many people have a hard time thinking of a supranational theological armed superpower in so recent a time. I suspect he became a Martinist when he was engaged to a Martin of political importance.} Tanucci located the papal cities of Benevento and Pontecorvo, and France employed Avignon. On December 10 1768, the French ambassador at Rome, in the name of France, Naples, and Spain, presented to the Pope a demand for the retraction of the bull against Parma, and for the abolition of the Society of Jesus. The seventy-six-year-old pontiff collapsed under the strain of this ultimatum. He summoned for February 3, 1769, a consistory of prelates and envoys to consider the matter. On February 2 he fell dead through the bursting of a blood vessel in his brain.

The cardinals who were called to choose his successor were divided into two factions: 'zelanti' who proposed to defy the kings, and 'regalisti' who preferred some pacific accommodations. As the Italian cardinals were almost all 'zelanti', and soon gathered in Rome, they tried to open the conclave before the regalist cardinals from France, Spain, and Portugal could arrive. {Does any of this seem the least bit divinely inspired?} The French ambassador protested, and the conclave was denied. Meanwhile Lorenzo Ricci, general of the Jesuits, compromised their case by issuing a pamphlet citing the authority of any pope to abolish the Society. (6) In March Cardinal de Bernis arrived from France, and began to canvass the cardinals with a view to ensure the election of a pope willing to satisfies their Catholic Majestic. Later rumors (7) that he or others bribed, or otherwise induced, Cardinal Giovanni Ganganelli to promise such action if chosen have been rejected by Catholic (8) and anti-Catholic historians (9) alike. {Many apparently 'anti' positions are actually managed or double agents.} Ganganelli, by common consent, was a man of great learning, devotion, and integrity; however, he belonged to the Franciscan order, which had often been at odds with the Jesuits, {Such as the treatment of North Americas who Franciscans brutalized in ways no devil would imagine.} both in missions and in theology. 10 On May 19, 1769, he was elected by the unanimous vote of the forty cardinals, and took the name of Clement XIV. He was sixty-three years old.

He found himself at the mercy of the Catholic powers. France and Naples held on to the papal territory they had enclosed; Spain and Parma were defiant; Portugal rated to establish a patriarchate independent of Rome, even Maria Theresa, hitherto fervently loyal to the papacy and the Jesuits, but now losing authority to her freethinker son Joseph II, answered the Pope's appeal that she could not resist the united will of so many potentates. Choiseul, dominating the government of France, instructed Bernis to tell the Pope that 'if he does not come to terms he can consider all relations with France at an end.' [11] Charles III of Spain had sent a similar ultimatum on April 22. Clement, playing for time, promised Charles soon to 'submit to the wisdom and intelligence of your Majesty a plan for the total extinction of the Society.' (12) He ordered his aides to consult the archives and summarize the history, achievements, and alleged offsets of the Society of Jesus. He refused to surrender to Choiseul's demand that he decide the issue within two months. He took three years, but finally yielded.

On July 21, 1773, he signed the historic brief 'Dominus ac Redemptor Noster'. It began with a long list of religious congregations that had, in the course of time, been suppressed by the Holy See. It noted the many complaints made against the Jesuits, and the many efforts of divers popes to remedy the abuses so alleged. 'We have observed with the bitterest grief that these remedies, and others applied afterwards, had either efficiency or strength to put an end to the troubles, the charges, and the complaints.' (13)

The brief summarized:

'Having recognized that the Society of Jesus could no longer produce the abundant fruit and the great good for which it was instituted and approved by so many popes, our predecessors, who adorned it with so many most admirable privileges, and seeing that it was almost –and indeed absolutely – impossible for the Church to enjoy a true and solid peace while this order exists, … we do hereby, after a mature examination, and of our certain knowledge, and by the plenitude of our Apostolic power, suppress and abolish the Society of Jesus. We nullify and abrogate all and each of its offices, functions, administrations, houses, schools, colleges, retreats, refuges, and other establishments which belong to it in any way whatever, and in every province, kingdom, or state in which it may be found. ' (14)

The brief went on to offer pensions to those Jesuits who had not yet taken holy orders, and who wished to return to lay life; it permitted Jesuit practices to join the secular clergy or some religious congregation approved by the Holy See; it allowed professed Jesuits, who had taken final and absolute vows, to remain in their former homes provided they dressed like secular practices and submitted to the authority of the local bishop …

This is not generally the fashion here. A murderer killing himself, in Naples; the murderer usually makes for the nearest church; once there is quite safe. Every church gave the criminal 'sanctuary'-immunity from arrest so long as he remained under its roof.

The law attempted to deter crime rather by severity of punishment than by efficiency of police. Under the laws of the gentle Benedict XIV blasphemy was punished by flogging, and, for a third offense, five years in the galleys. Unlawful entry of a convent at night was a capital crime. The solicitation or public embrace of an honorable woman brought condolence to the galleys for life. Defamation of character, even if it spoke nothing but the truth, was punished with death and confiscation of goods. "(15)

One can easily imagine these people were well behaved and civilized … right ?! Is my sense of disgust at the deprecation of the 'savages' and 'pagans' unwarranted?

Source by Robert Baird