Exploring Priest Classes in Aion – The Cleric

In the game of Aion, once your Priest reaches Level 10 and gets her wings, you can transform her into a Cleric. Clerics are Daevas who follow the Star of Healing. Clerics have the magical power of healing, and their healing powers are so great that they can even bring a Daeva back to life if they have their soul separated from their body. Clerics are also very effective in melee combat as they are quite skilled at using Mace and Shield. Elysean clerics follow the ways of Yustiel, the Lord of Life. Asmodian clerics are in the service of Marchutan, the Lord of Destiny.

In addition to their amazingly powerful healing abilities, Clerics can cast ranged spells for damaging or weakening enemies while also using magic to buff themselves and their allies. But their specialty is protection and healing of their allies, making them the magical counterpart to the Templar warriors. Any group that wishes to be highly successful absolutely must have a Cleric, aka a "Walking Potion", in its midst.

Clerics have to be wise with their powers, though. They only have so much mana and the last thing that any group needs is for them to run out of it. This character starts off only armored in leather and cloth, but she can put on the Chain Mail. If she does this, her powers of defensive protection are indeed second only to those of the Templar among all characters and classes. Clerics are also like the spiritual counterparts to Rangers, for their damaging abilities are mostly a handful of ranged spells that can cause server harm before they arrive on the scene with their deadly Mace swinging out the death blows.

The Cleric is really intended to be part of a group and is probably the least effective character at going solo. However, Clerics can do very well alone because they can heal themselves so robustly and because its possible for those attacking a Cleric to end up dead before they can even get to her thanks to those ranged magical Attack weapons. The skilled Cleric knows how to make efficient use of the recovery and the attack skill set, however, for once again mana is limited.

In the group of allies, the Cleric is the center of healing and strengthening as well as a powerful force for enemy restraint and damage from a distance. If the need ever arises and the mana pool is there, the Cleric can bring an ally back from the brink of death – or even resurrect him. But she can also be healing allies slowly but steadily the whole time with spells that use less mana.

If you consider yourself someone who enjoys playing healing roles, the Cleric of Aion is for you.

Source by Derek Smithson

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