Gunmen Shoot, Injure Catholic Priest In Lagos Pt.1 |[email protected]| 08/09/17

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  1. Jesus:Prepare always, every day, as if The Warning were tomorrow
    Jesus:Prepare always, every day, as if The Warning were tomorrow says:

    Mother of Salvation: Think of life as a stage between birth and the New Glorious Kingdom
    Friday Aug 29, 2014 at 02:25 pm
    My dear children, let not one of you ever be fearful of this
    Heavenly Intervention in this Mission of Salvation. Instead, be thankful
    for God’s Great Mercy and His unfathomable Love for the human race. You
    must give Glory to God, in the knowledge that all begins and ends with
    Him. There is no in-between. Think of life as a stage between birth and
    the New Glorious Kingdom, which awaits all of you, should you accept
    God’s Promise that His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, will return to
    reclaim His Kingdom.
    So many do not believe in He Who created them. They may witness His Love and, yet, still do not believe that Love comes from God or that God is Love.
    Those who accept the existence of evil do not believe in God’s Love nor
    do they accept the existence of the evil one. Only those who manage to
    overcome evil in all its forms truly understand the power which evil has
    over people’s words, deeds and actions.  It is only
    when a soul is
    disentangled from the influence of evil that he can be set free. True
    freedom can only be achieved when you accept the Truth. If you do not
    accept the Word made Flesh, that is my Son, Jesus Christ, then you will
    never be free.
    Children you must fight evil in all its deceitful forms but it is not
    easy to identify it clearly. Satan is the king of lies. He is the
    deceiver who manages to convince the world that he does not exist. He
    always presents the Truth as being an evil thing and he will convince
    the weak amongst you that evil can be justified always.  You must never
    allow yourselves to be deceived, for the Truth was
    given to the world
    and is contained in my Father’s Book. Anything, which deviates from the
    True Word of God, must be avoided. Do not listen to those who tell you
    that an evil act is a good thing, or that it must be accepted because of
    the times you are living in.
    The human race has not changed. Sin has not changed. All that has changed is man’s reluctance to accept God as his Creator.

    Your beloved Mother
    Mother of Salvation

  2. Christopher Barksdale
    Christopher Barksdale says:

    Africans are totallly brainwashed feeling angry at gun men kulling Catholic Priest the Same Church allowed millions of Africans to be enslaved in the Americas those Africans toiled for 400 years built up wealth of both Europe and the Americas the church refuses to tell the world there is no Jesus and that fiction replaced Yashua a black African until Africans wake up they will remain Servants to white religion feeling sad when the Master or priest is killed. …

  3. nkiruka ony
    nkiruka ony says:

    Evil nigeria millitary should be fighting boko haram terrorist group and not the peaceful Biafra agitators. Be warned for we're all watching for today's world is totally different from that of 1967-70 therefore buhari and his tugs and gansters must not make same mistake of the past.

  4. Ceaser Charisma
    Ceaser Charisma says:

    Is it only kidnapping you people will combat. What about combating the bloodthirsty fulani herdsmen too…are they above the law? The so called nigerian president is not swift to give executive orders to that effect now…mtcheew

  5. Amandianeze Kinsman
    Amandianeze Kinsman says:

    Are we in a military regime or democracy ? Why should the Army be used to deal with civil agitate ? Where is the Nigerian Police ? President Buhari should be prepared to end up at the International Court of justice in the Hague. Because the Army is not meant to deal with civil unrest, they are trained to kill and there no Boko Haramites in the South east.


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