[Hearthstone] Greed (Priest) Is Good!

Hearthstone KotFT | Review & gameplay of the recent success of greed Priest decks in Arena
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44 replies
  1. ToniLekic96
    ToniLekic96 says:

    I've been doing this 'greedy' Priest thing in Arena for the last.. basically from the start of my Arena career and my Priest on regular is probably more than 7 wins per arena run. It's been always like this but you were used to playing Rogue/Mage etc. tempo classes/early game classes so you were building Priest decks like them as well. Nothing new.

  2. Oshony
    Oshony says:

    That second game krip played terribly, he didn't get the drakonid scout value by playing bone drake first and he played fire bat when he could of gotten tomb lurker value


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