Hearthstone | racket’s INNER FIRE DRAGON PRIEST Deck | STANDARD | GADGETZAN Furo Legend

Hearthstone Deck – Constructed / Ranked / STANDARD – Season 33
racket’s TOP 100 INNER FIRE DRAGON PRIEST Deck with Gadgetzan
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Potential: up to legend

Nice combo potential! Racket took the deck to the legend TOP100 spot!

Any more questions? Just post a comment below and I`m glad to help you.

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► Decklist ◄
[Mana] Card Name
[1]Northshire Cleric 2x
[1]Potion of Madness
[1]Power Word: Shield 2x
[1]Twilight Whelp 2x
[2]Divine Spirit
[2]Shadow Word: Pain
[2]Wyrmrest Agent 2x
[3]Kabal Talonpriest 2x
[3]Shadow Word: Death 2x
[5]Drakonid Operative 2x
[6]Dragonfire Potion 2x

[2]Dirty Rat
[2]Netherspite Historian 2x
[3]Brann Bronzebeard
[4]Twilight Guardian 2x
[5]Azure Drake 2x
[5]Blackwing Corruptor 2x

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7 replies
  1. Chainsawsb
    Chainsawsb says:

    Thanks for the video! I'm definitely also looking to mix up my dragon priest deck. It does well enough but suffers from the typical priest issues with lack of reach and difficulty killing something that is 4/higher than 3. I've seen variants using Mind Blast and Velen, but this is very interesting


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