Lee Priest Interview: The Resurrection

Dave Palumbo interviews IFBB Pro Lee Priest, one of the industries most polarizing figures. Find out what Lee has been up to these past several years; and is a comeback to the stage in his future? Plus, Lee gives his opinion on Lee Haney, Flex Wheeler, and Kevin Levrone.

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19 replies
  1. Dj Tzonev
    Dj Tzonev says:

    This is almost kind of sad seeing a great bodybuilder essentially begging to get back into the "IFBp Oil Spill" that ruined the Art of bodybuilding. Nowadays the GH guts still roam rampantly and it's a real shame, Lee was one of the realest voices of dissent against a corrupt system.

  2. agioni99
    agioni99 says:

    Another great interview by Dave.  Dave has a natural gift at interviewing.  Time and again, he comes off very humble and gracious in his questioning.  Now as per Lee, lets put all the politics and his personal opinions aside for a minute.  If we can do that, then we can all agree he is a living Bodybuilding Legend.  The I.F.B.B needs to suck it up and reinstate him, if only for the fact that his return will make bank.  That aside, if Lee can return to form, none of todays I.F.B.B "Bubble Boys" will be able to hang with him.  God bless from Canada.  P.s Lee's words on love and the real world were awesome to put it mildly.


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