What does LEE PRIEST think of Australian CALLUM VON MOGER? Will he make it big in the US of A? Is he the next Arnold?

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  1. Julius Reed
    Julius Reed says:

    Shit wasn't expecting this tbh Calum always seems to come across as pretty honest and got screwed over by Bradley Martyn and a few other people. Of course he does mostly seems concerned with selling himself and his products so I suppose in allot of way hes as bad as Bradley Martyn anyway.

  2. Bob Binkle
    Bob Binkle says:

    It seems Lee doesn't even really wanna answer questions. Sam, are you putting a gun to his head? Say, I think Lee is a stand up guy. Really, like him. Thanks Lee for your no nonsense answers. Take care my friend.

  3. Wayne Prezzler
    Wayne Prezzler says:

    I think this is a skewed perception of Von Moger as others say he's like Arnold Calum himself never says that stuff.
    He's also always stated he likes the classic looking physique's and doesn't want to be a mass monster with a bubble gut.
    The vids and snaps I've seen he come across as a decent guy yeah he maybe has a high opinion of himself but he's a good looking guy with a great physique and money so no doubt he has no issues with the ladies.
    I also look at the fact Frank McGrath gets on well with him and Frank is like Lee Priest in that he says it how it is and won't have time for wankers but he and calum seem good mates


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