Miracles at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival

Last Saturday night at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival when Evangelist Nathan Morris had a father testified about how his little boy being healed of cancer.That the doctors report verified that Jesus did a creative miracle.Jesus had removed the tumor,the cancer,the scar tissue in that little boys head along with sealing up the hole in his heart.It was then I was reminded of a miracle that happened many years ago in a tent,in Pinehurst Idaho.People in the tri city area had lost their jobs,homes and cars it was a mining community and they were hurting and desperate.This is the exact atmosphere that Jesus shows up in when we quit depending on our bank accounts,or on are own talents,our own abilities and look to the Redeemer of our soul.

One night while I was preaching I saw the greatest miracle I had ever seen in my life.There were 2 mothers who had been coming to the services for weeks bringing their mentally retarded children.How they happened to be there is weeks earlier they were together in their doctor’s waiting room discussing the miracles that were happening in a tent crusade in their community.Both mothers,were very desperate because they knew there was no cure for mental retardation, only a miracle from God could make there children normal.

I remember the first night I saw them enter the tent revival they put the little girl and boy on a baby blanket up front towards the platform.You see  neither had walked or talked from birth they were 2 and 3 years old.The little 3 year old boy also had a desease where he could not eat anything hot or cold it had to be at room  temperature.That night the tent was filled with pastors, nuns, and priest form 3 cities and there was no room for the mothers to sit with their children.After laying them down at the front they went toward the back of the tent to sit.I had only been ministering for about 5 minutes when suddenly I saw these 2 mothers stand up and start to laugh and began moving down the isle when suddenly they were frozen and began to cry.I was frightened because I had never seen anything like that before.The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said it is me do not be afraid,an instructed me to tell them likewise to fear not this is the Lord’s doing.

They proceeded toward the front laughing walking,then crying and were frozen,this stop and go action only ended as they stood before me I told them what the Holy Spirit said.Instantly they were thrown to their knees frozen unable to move even their arms.Suddenly the little 2 year old girl got up for the first time in her life and walked.The mother still frozen could not even reach out to her as the little toddler walked into her mothers arms total made whole.At that moment the mothers arms were released by the Holy Spirit and she could hug her baby girl.Then the Holy Spirit told me what it was all about and to share with the people what Jesus had just done.He wanted them to know when they were weeping and frozen that He had made their bodies living prayers of intercession just as their children could not walk or talk, neither could they.When they were laughing and walking that was the Lord flowing with miracle power through their bodies.Later in the same week the boy  received his  miracle at home and could walk,talk and eat anything he wanted  The unsaved mother gave her life to Christ.   Both mothers gave a glorious report, of the Lord doing the impossible making their two children completely whole.The Lord told me that there would be a great move of God in the future and that creative miracles would be displayed in mass.

The Bay of the Holy Spirit revival is the beginning of that move.He wants you to come with all of you cares,your problems and your sins and He will show you great mercy and grace.That He has saved the best for last.Nothing,but nothing and again I say nothing but nothing is impossible for Me,for I am The Lord God Mighty in Battle.Come,taste and see that I am good.Leave the land of heartache and come to My Healing Waters.I am waiting can you hear My cry!

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