Priest Arena Guide – WoW Arena Strategies

Playing with a priest in arena can be a really tricky choice. While it is one of the most powerful classes in arena it is a bit hard to learn how to play properly with it. Besides, it requires especially great awareness. However, if you know how to play with it, then your team will become unstoppable. Read through my Priest Arena Guide to find out which talents, gear and strategies to use, what team setup to run and achieve 2200+ rating under no time.

Talents for Arena

Basically, you have to choice: you can be Shadow Priest or Discipline Priest. While Shadow Priest can be really good in some situations I recommend you to play with a Discipline Priest as it is a real killer. Please note, that Holy Priest is not viable as it can not survive long enough in most arena scenarios. As a Discipline Priest you have so much options to vary your talent build, that I could not include all these in this Priest Arena Guide. However, as a general guideline you should tailor your talent build to your team's capabilities. If your partner can kill enemies enough fast then you will not need Reflective Shields, for example.

Gear for Arena

Your most important statistics for arena is the Resilience. You should get as much Resilience as possible, though it is capped around 1200. Other critical statistics are the Haste Rating and Mana Regeneration as they will provide you with extremely quick spells and global cooldowns and the Mana Regeneration will allow you to sustain your healing over a long period of time. Besides from these, it may worth getting some Hit Rating and a decent amount of Spirit. Finally, your gear will and should provide you some Spell Power and Stamina. However, if you get the arena set, then you must only concentrate on Haste Rating and Mana Regeneration. If you follow my Priest Arena Guide, then your gear will be just ideal for any situation.

Priest Team Setups

2v2 Team: Most arena players do not like this bracket as it is highly imbalanced and the rewards are much worse than those of 3v3 and 5v5. But, if you want to play in this bracket, I recommend to get a Frost Mage. This way, both of your survivability will be high enough and you will have enough Silence spells to kill any enemy healer.

3v3 Team: One word: RMP. What does it mean? Rogue, Mage and Priest. This is the best setup for any 3v3 team. If you can cooperate properly, you will be unstoppable. Even the most resilient and defensive teams will fail to stop you as you will use Mana Burn to negate their healing. What is more, your team's burst damage is so high, that no one can survive.

5v5 Team: It is really difficult to discuss the best 5v5 team in such a brief Priest Arena Guide, but I will try to give you a quick overview. In 5v5 you must be a secondary healer, your main job will be to Silence, Fear and Mana Burn your enemies while you give some quick emergency heal to your teammates. Thus, I recommend you to get a Restoration Druid, a Warrior and Hunter and one more damage dealer.

Source by Thomas Lawrence Wilson

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