Tera – Priest guide: Skills


2nd part:
Tera – Priest guide: Glyphs/Gear/Consumables

3rd part:
Tera – Priest guide: Gameplay

Hey guys. Few people asked me to make video guide for priests, because most of other video guides are pretty much outdated.
I personally didnt feel like I know enough to teach other priests how to play, since I play Tera for less than a year, and I still learn new things all the time. But I decided to give it a try and show my personal view of this class and the way I play it. Im not saying that everything I say in these guides is correct or the best way, but its the way that works for me so I wanted to share it. And who knows, maybe it even helps someone!
If you guys have issues understanding my broken English, click on CC button coz I also made sure to write subtitles for you :).

Here are some other helpful links that can help you out:
Glyph calculator:

Reani’s in-deapth priest guide:

Ifri’s old but very good guide:

And there are also many good priests on youtube, I will only mention these two but there are many many others that are doing great, I just didnt have time to check them all out.
PVP priest POVs by Natsukii x:

Really good PVE priest POVs by Christinna:

Please subscribe and support their channels as well and let them know I sent you there :).

Thanks for watching and if you have any questions/suggestions, leave them in comments! Hugs for all!

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  1. Euphoria Skillie Mithers
    Euphoria Skillie Mithers says:

    I always found that I enjoyed healing and reviving others (for the thanks, mostly) and I'm not good at combat because I'm panicky, but I always wondered, "What if I'm a Priest and I need to fight, but everyone's down and the boss is coming for me?" Well, this video helped me to decide that I'd go with being a Priest, mainly because I'd rather put my all into healing rather than do insignificant damage and not heal as good. I guess you could argue that Mystics may have some good/decent damage skills, but why be an average Mystic when being a good Priest is a better option? Thanks a bunch, I'm getting my new computer in two months after being PC-less for a year because my laptop busted, and my first download will be TERA. I'm doing research on what class I want. This helped a lot! I'll come back to this video once I get my desktop :)

  2. Chiyuri Yoshida
    Chiyuri Yoshida says:

    I am having trouble with the Grace. Even though the buff is on me, when I die, it still makes me pay and revive in a way everyone else has to. I tried it so many times and it never gave me an instant free rez.. Does it not work in some dungeons??


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