The Scorpion Is Insane! – Rainbow Six Siege

cas and ranked clips. take my Ela get kicked [toxic]

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  1. Toasthead 15 Gaming
    Toasthead 15 Gaming says:

    I have an idea for a minigame! Good old trading time! Try to trade items, (such as rook armor) for other items (Like a grenade to throw at the enemy). If you are unhappy with a trade, propose a duel, Both players take a revolver, and aim it to the sky, on the count of three, aim at your opponent and start shooting! Should you only injure your opponent, you can go over to them and execute them. If both players are injured, they will be revived and start the duel again

  2. th3psych0 guy
    th3psych0 guy says:

    You are amazing with ela i just got her and am trying to git gud with her and i enjoy using the scorpion and watching vids of people who have mastered her and the other operators i have still got to buy legion so yay.


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