The Twelve Things Your Priest Will not Tell You About Marriage

Congratulations on one of the happiest days of your lives. You're in love, you're committed and will spend the rest of your lives together – you're getting married.

All engaged couples want to start their new life with the best possible help they can find. An excellent marriage involves advice from those who know how to make it happen as well as using your own common sense. You know what they say, it's always best to get sound advice from the experts. So you go to the doctor to learn how to stay healthy. You go to grandma and grandpa who have been married for 50 years to learn how to stay married. You go to your priest to learn how to connect with God. But would you go to your priest to learn the principals of personality through astrology? No, he's not going to tell you the benefits to be found in astrology. Would you go to your misogynist Uncle Dave or your five-times-divorced Aunt Jody for marriage advice? Oh, no. You'd go where the answers are.

You can supplement your current wisdom with new and helpful tools before you ever walk down the aisle by better understanding the personality of your mate. Astrology is not a prediction of where your life is going. Instead, it is a description of the twelve basic personalities of all people. Think of it as one more tool to help you make the best marriage possible. It's better to begin married life with awareness than to be blind-sided down the road later.

When the wedding is over, the presents tucked way for later Regifting, and you've settled into a happy, day-to-day marriage, you may find your beautiful pink wedding cloud occasionally becomes transparent with petty annoyances. Welcome to real life. But do not run away. What if you had within your grasp the greatest secrets to human understanding and behavior that would keep your marriage together? Would not you want to learn more? You can, because humanistic astrology is about to show you how.

First, know that there are diamonds found in every astrological sign, as well as unformed pieces of coal. Do not give up. We all share a little of both.

Each person comes into a marriage as both a student and a teacher. The lessons of your astrological sign will help you achieve both. As you get to know the personality, challenges & blessings of your husband or wife, you will know in your heart that you came together to help each other learn the life lessons of your souls. If it's good for the soul, it's good for the marriage. Years down the road, we guarantee, you will not be saying, "Oh WHY did I marry this Taurus ?," for example. Instead you will know going into the marriage what the purpose of your union was.

By the way, there is no truth in the belief that certain astrological signs are incompatible. As long as two people are willing to work on strengthening their marriage, everyone is compatible.

Check both your signs below. Each of the lessons will work together in forming a loving, caring and long-lasting marriage.

ARIES: Encourage each other to get your needs met. If you're in the mood for a little hanky-panky, do not just assume your beloved knows. Ask for what you want, how you want it, when you want it and where. Do not wait for the other one, initiate the action needed to make each of you happy. It's a win / win combination. You both get your needs met and no one is left feeling unloved. Anger serves no useful purpose when you have left all the work to your partner. Of course they will get mad. By jointly contributing ideas, suggestions and actions, the two of you will avoid boredom and build a long and exciting marriage.

TAURUS: Clear up any previous financial responsibilities before marriage, because this is a union where learning to manage money will be important. One of the biggest deal breakers in any marriage is fighting over money. Do not assume that everything will work itself out down the road and think that as long as you love each other, money is the least of your worries. Plan a budget before the wedding, both for the nuptials as well as everyday life. Make your financial decisions together. Will you maintain a savings account? Where will you invest your extra money? How much will you spend every year on vacations? How much weekly pocket money do each of you have? And when it comes to paying the monthly bills, do it together.

GEMINI: One of the greatest gifts you can give each other is to listen as much as you speak. When you disagree, remember that sarcasm, ridicule and name-calling have no place in your happy marriage. Agree to eliminate violent communication. Verbal abuse has no place in a successful marriage. Every day it is just as easy to say something pleasant, or complimentary as it is to say something mean-spirited. One of the nicest things each of you can do for the other is to exchange thoughts and ideas. What if … or I wonder … will have you engaged in lots of interesting talks and help keep you both invested in the success of your marriage.

CANCER: Family is not necessarily biological. Marriages involving a Cancer often include, adoption, blended families or helping extended family members. Welcome the fact that your ability to function in the outer world always begin at home. Here you will learn the basic values ​​of life which will help you make significant contributions to your marriage, community, workplace and the world. If what you learned at home about marriage was dysfunctional, begin again and make the kind of life you want. Just because the family has always done it "this way" does not mean you must continue. Make a family you love to come home to.

LEO: You're here to learn that love is all there is, ever was and ever will be. When she's sick, do you abandon her? When he loses his job, do you ask for a divorce? Love is easy when everything is going well. But the real test is whether you can stand up to the enormous stress of a sick child crying in the middle of the night, or a dying parent who leaves behind a damaged relationship with you. Can you hold tight, even in the middle of chaos, and let your love grow stronger? You did not get married to run at the first sign of stress. You signed up for this holy union to see each other through the hard times as well as the good. Stand strong is your motto.

VIRGO: It is a daily process to heal that which is inside you that keeps you from living the life you want. Help each other do away with feelings of not enough. Marriage is a commitment of time and energy on a daily basis. It is one thing to overanalyze a problem, and another to evaluate it and take quick corrective action. In this marriage you will both be learning that it takes more than an "I'm sorry" to heal a wound. It takes action and a willingness not to keep repeating the same behavior and expecting different results. You will find that not only are you lovers, but helpmates to each other. Avoid clutter build up in your home and your marriage.

LIBRA: A partnership is a delicate balancing act, requiring both willingness and finesse. Be gracious to each other by saying please and thank you often. While some Libra's will search for peace at any price, the ultimate price will be a loss of self. Yours is a marriage where the goal is to truly become one without sacrificing your individuality. This is best done by having closeness and things in common you do together, while also having things you do apart with family or friends. The true test of whether you marriage is making progress is to ask yourselves, "Can we compromise our opinions (not values) and still say I love you?" Help each other. Work together.

SCORPIO: No matter where you go, there you are, so bring the best possible person to the altar that you can muster. It must have been a Scorpio who coined the phrase, excess baggage, because you can not start fresh without learning to forgive, forget and move on from your history. When you fall in love, you're in for the long haul, but if you have not worked through your previous pains, you can end up taking your frustration out on your partner. It is not fair, healthy or wise. You will find in this marriage that both of you will go undergo major healings in your emotions, thoughts, spirits and bodies. For you, waking up beside your sweetie every morning is a blessing.

SAGITTARIUS: Trouble between couples often comes from nit picking things apart, but you have the gift of seeing the big picture and not getting lost in the details. Decide to write your own vows & frame them so that when trouble arises, you can always go back and refresh your memories as to the REAL reason you got married. Yes we've got faults and yes we can clear them up. To be happy is your ultimate goal in marriage and to spread joy insures a happy outcome. Get to know what things you can do or say that will light up your darling's face and then do them. A scented bubble bath? A trip to Europe? A love note from you left in the car?

CAPRICORN: Your goal is to bring stability to your marriage. Let others have their scream fests and insecurities, because your idea of ​​a happy marriage is to have a secure job, a nice home and dependable loving. Chances are good that you will fall in love with someone who has a wilder side than you, but that is only so life can afford you the opportunity to not let depression or strictness undermine your marriage. You're probably tired of hearing people tell you to lighten up, but in the midst of a stock market crash, you'll be sitting warm & tidy. Your middle name is responsibility & come hell or high water, you will not let those you love do without.

AQUARIUS: Your flair for organization should not take precedence over your partner's need for your time. You can get lost in great projects, leaving your sweetheart feeling left out. Your goals can be clear to you and a mystery to others. Do not think less of them for not having your insight. Learn patience and recognize the limitations of others. Your ability to love completely is never in doubt but it will help the marriage to let others take over the decision making responsibilities once in a while. Your spouse may want to step back and watch you blossom whereas you may want him or her to be part of your flower. A little independence goes a long way.

PISCES: There is nothing attractive in bringing the energy of "I am a victim" to the marriage. Your partnership will be learning the lessons of setting healthy boundaries. For instance, do you need private time in the bathroom while the other one walks in and out at will? Do you stand up for yourself when something is not acceptable? Learning to say no and honoring that in others will be a great challenge, but your generous caring nature can help the both of you come through unscathed. Few couples can build a strong marriage without a spiritual center, but it is especially impossible for you, dear Pisces, to have no sense of purpose or reason. Pray & give thanks together.

Save this article on the refrigerator for future reference. Both of you have come together in marriage for the express purpose of creating a life that will allow your souls to flourish. Astrology gives you an easy starting point to find the greatest happiness you have ever known. The stars in the eyes of your lover are only enhanced by the stars in the constellations in the nighttime skies. God bless you both.

Source by Kathi A. Calahan

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