Tommy Sotomayor Invites Priest On His Show

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16 replies
  1. Baltimore TURK
    Baltimore TURK says:

    Tommy has a garbage based platform… His followers are trashy bigots. He hate his mother and his brothers. Tommy is a Vulture that loves to kick black Women when they are down. We will handle that Ass Clown soon.

  2. Jamie Carpenter
    Jamie Carpenter says:

    I get you going through things but I have to say. Why do women who have their stuff together choose guys they have to fix up. You are on here almost in tears about what you did for this man; helping him get his GED. How many men did you pass up that had not only a high school diploma but a college degree? Why would you want someone you have to fix up. The sad part about this is, you had your shit together. Yet fucking with this one dude your entire life is in utter chaos. This is why you need to fuck with people on your level and beyond. Cause the term you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas is one of the truest quotes ever.

  3. B Intellectual Williams
    B Intellectual Williams says:

    This is one time I have to totally agree with you. All the women Tommy invites around he falls out with a day later because they're using him for his platfrom, or straight trying to rip him off he has no love interest to keep it 100. He's a lonely man with s lot of time on his hands.

  4. Frankie Roberson
    Frankie Roberson says:

    I have a nugget for you check out Alexyss K. Tylor on youtube; she is also on facebook, she is authentic, raw, and does a lot of truth-telling; she has been inspiration to myself as well as to millions of others; she is also located in Atlanta, GA (I believe)

    SONCERAE says:

    This whole Soncerae is pregnant by a married man shit is something that will continue to spread as long as people fail at making a conscious decision to research on their own. I have a playlist called Priest + Rae if you are unsure about what is happening inside of my life. I had Priest and his "wife", Priest's mom and one of his siblings reassuring me that I could trust that the 2 year separation Priest was in the middle of had ran it's course. I was promised that a divorce was coming and that papers had been signed. He asked for more time to work on finalizing his divorce so I stuck around and tried to be patient. We planned on building a future together. Marriage and kids were included in those plans. Unfortunately having a baby came much sooner than we both expected. I never kept the fact that Priest was separated from my true fans. The people who watch my YouTube channel on a regular did NOT miss the videos I posted months ago saying Priest was separated and had some things to work on. If I knew Priest didn't want kids BEFORE I got pregnant I wouldn't have put either of us in this. People blame me like I stopped him from wearing a condom. It was ME who encouraged us to wear them. I made a video about that as well. It's funny that some people don't hold him accountable. They want me to take all responsibility and forget that I was lied to but not just him but his "wife" and his family, forget that promises were broken, forget that I was mistreated and let him walk away with his PRIDE and EGO in tact. I refuse. People will have their opinions about me of course but regardless to what people believe I was NEVER a side chick hoe who trapped a man with pregnancy no matter how much Priest tries to LIE and say I was. People suggest I get an abortion I'll make a video why I refuse to do that as well. I do NOT want to put him on child support and I want him to sign his parental rights away. He doesn't want the baby but refuses to sign his rights away and that's disturbing. It's like he purposely wants to hurt me as many ways as he can. But no one sees that. People just see Soncerae as "the bad guy" Either way regardless to how people see me. I'm a good person. I'm a great mother. And I will make it past this without his support.

  6. jdgreen214
    jdgreen214 says:

    I'm sorry mam but as a man since I was a child growing up in the 80s and 90s men have always been held accountable for their actions. We heard from multiple media outlets such as Oprah, Jenny Jones, ricki lake, etc. As a man even I agreed with the dead beat dad stuff as my own father was a 50% parent. I have two children by the same woman I pay all the bills in their household and mine. People ask why I won't be with her and I have to explain the modern day woman as I say woman not black woman as my children's mother is white is destructive to a man trying to build. In my life i have acquired 6 vehicles before I was 35. I also bought my baby mama a car and gave her one of my cars. I was gonna do a complete overhaul to her car last Christmas putting about 5000 dollars into her car she got an attitude with me and said, "if I can't have it the way I want it then I will wait and do it myself." Men pay hon like on the godfather Vito told Michel men cannot afford to be irresponsible only woman and children can. If a man isn't responsible the government will make him. Please stop telling the lie. What you mean is men can't be made to be responsible for breaking your heart and letting you down.

  7. Rob carpenter
    Rob carpenter says:

    Hell Yeah she (Soncerae) said it was going to Happen. You can even ask " GOAT LUCY ". Sonsay just let Goat Lucy deal with Tommy and The Priest. They will soon get what they deserve…. Goat Lucy will come like a Thief In the Night to protect Mothers

  8. Rob carpenter
    Rob carpenter says:

    Priest may be the one putting the abortion comments up there …. Tommy may be beefing with you because he can see your Great Potential… I wish I could have talk Man to Man with Priest… I think you are making the best decision for your situation.


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