World Of Warcraft Alliance Leveling Tips

If you are a World of Warcraft Alliance player, you are sure to want to reach Level 70 as fast as possible. Why is it that other players seem to manage their Alliance leveling in just a few hours, while you are spending days and sometimes even weeks struggling to level up? Ever wonder how they do it? This article will teach you the basic ways to level your Alliance character fast, as well as elaborate more on Alliance Leveling Guides which the advanced players use.

First off, if you have not yet chosen a class to play, and you are hoping to level up your Alliance character solo, you should choose either a Night Elf Hunter or a Human or Gnome Warlock. These two classes are the most effective for killing monsters of an equal level. Classes like Priests and Paladins are more effective at finding parties to join, but beware of groups that only want to use you for support.

While the advanced players are using an Alliance Leveling Guide, normal players are not, and are instead using the lower method of Grinding to level up. There are several different types of grinding methods available, and they are basic grinding, AOEing, and Power AOEing respectively.

Basic grinding is the most boring way to level. It mostly involves killing a whole lot of creatures until you gain enough experience to reach the next level. AOEing is similar, the main difference being you kill multiple enemies at the same time using AOE (area of ​​effect) spells. Power AOEing is similar to regular AOEing, but you have extra support from healers or other classes. This is the fastest of the most basic ways to level, and hopefully manages to alleviate the boredom by giving you someone to talk to!

When you do grind, remember that you do not have to stick only with the racial quests. In fact, Alliance players who are looking for a shortcut in the early levels should consider going to a hub Alliance city (Ironforge or Stormwind) as soon as possible. Then travel to Teldrassil, the home of the Night Elves. There are a lot of quests there that can help you level up fast. Some other tips suggested include: queuing Alliance quests to not waste time, working with groups of other Alliance players to solve very difficult situations, running Alliance instances strategically, and generally minimizing your travel time across the continents and Alliance zones.

Be sure to note that compared to all the grinding methods out there, the Questing method is by far the most effective. Power levelers all know this, and you can be assured that they stick to the famous "90% Quest, 10% Grind" system when they level. While you are leveling at the slow rate of one or two levels a day, these players with the help of their Alliance Leveling Guides get there much faster. This is where an Alliance Leveling Guide can benefit you as well. While it is true that many Alliance Leveling Guides out there are frauds and scams, there are a few that are really worth their weight in gold. These special Alliance Leveling Guides teach you how to quest step by step, in the fastest, most efficient, and most effective way possible. By using their strategies and following the guides, many World of Warcraft power levelers have shown how they can shoot from Level 1 to 70 in less than 10 days / played time.

So there you have it, the three types of Grinding methods available, and the Questing one. While it is obvious that there are a number of strategies that will work to help you get your Alliance character to a high level quickly, and different Alliance players prefer different styles of leveling, try to stick to the Questing technique with the aid of an Alliance Leveling Guide, as it has been proven to be the fastest and most efficient. Not only do you save on time and effort, remember that the quicker you reach Level 70, the faster you will have access to high end gear and powerful weapons that enable you to compete on a level field with the rest of the competition.

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