World of Warcraft: Dwarf

Dwarves are a proud and ancient race of powerful warriors that far far beneath the snow covered peaks of the Khaz Modan Mountains. With a love of storytelling that is only matched by their lust for battle, Dwarves are quick to befriend those that belong to that of the Human race. In days long past, the Dwarves rarely ventured beyond the secure walls of their ancient mountain fortresses. Yet, ever since the second war, they have never failed to answer the call to battle and rush to the aide of their friends and allies when the need isose.

Dwarves are fascinated by recent discoveries concerning their past and seemingly mysterious origin of being formed from stone by the Titans. Because of this they have built various excavation sites throughout the realm of World of Warcraft in order to discover the truth of their beginnings.

The starting locations for the Dwarf race in World of Warcraft is Anvil Marr, Dun Morogh and their home city is Ironforge. They are capable of playing as the following classes: Rogue, Hunter, Paladin, Warrior, and Priest. Rams are their Basic Mount. These are their Starting Stats: Strength-22, Agility-16, Stamina-23, intelligence-19, Spirit-29.

Dwarves have the active ability of Stoneform. When it is active, the player is immune to Poison, Bleed, and Disease effects. Also Armor increases by a factor of ten percent. This ability lasts for eight seconds and has a cool-down time of three minutes.

Dwarves also have gun specialization and, as such, get the added luxury of a plus five increase to their gun skill.

Dwarves have Frost Resistance as well. All Dwarves have the unique bonus of a plus ten increase in their Frost Resistance.

Dwarves also have a Find Treasure ability. When you activate this skill it will enable you to locate where treasure chests are on the mini map. This ability lasts until it is canceled and has no cool-down time.

Warrior is an excellent class choice for Dwarves. This is due to the fact that their Stoneform ability gives them the advantage of being capable of receiving a lot more damage with much less negative effect upon their health. Dwarves also have the added benefit of their Gun Skill which is a huge plus for Dwarven Hunters. While dwarves are master Warriors and Hunters, they also make excellent Paladins and Priests. There is often a need for Dwarven Priest because of their racial Priest spell Fear Ward.

Although often overlooked by many, the Dwarven race has many advantages and abilities that make it an excellent choice for any of the World of Warcraft classes including the Rogue class.

Source by Miles Tyler

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